Pickwick in Africa

Pickwick continues its global expansion by entering Nigeria and Malawi and Zambia!

“At Pickwick, we do not believe in sacrificing our quality irrespective of the market or product size. Our product taste and ingredients remain the same for our smaller packs all the way to our largest 200gm pack maintaining our policy of consistency … products that are sold in premium outlets in India are the same as those sold in supermarkets and the large open-air markets in Africa. We ask ourselves daily, how can we ensure that everyone is always treated similarly and have access to quality products irrespective of race, gender, nationality and income level? At Pickwick you are always getting something “extra” which will make clients keep coming back for more, as we have witnessed in the past 30 years of operations” – Director, Pickwick


Picture courtesy of The Bazaar – Lagos, Nigeria


Picture courtesy of  Chipiku Plus Super Market – Malawi


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